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Trek or Mountain Bike Iceland

Visit magical Iceland! This is our signature Iceland trip, and our custom itinerary logistics allows travel companions to either trek or mountain bike by day, while being together each morning and evening

Mountain Bike Peru

We run this trip privately starting any date, at any time of year, with a minimum of three people. Additionally, we have five fixed dates during 2019 dry season (our winter) where you can join in with just yourself or else with some friends

Cuba Multisport

Visit the long forbidden and exotic tropical country of Cuba on an authorized, active trip; Enjoy fresh local Cuban cuisine and extensive and significant interaction with the locals

Trekking Machu Picchu

Escape the huge crowds of the Inca Trail by trekking instead to epic Inca site Choquequirau,Take a train through the jungle to visit Machu Picchu;

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Peru Highlight Video

Inca sites, trekking, culture, biking, horseback riding, and more