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Due to Covid-19, we have recently updated our cancellation policies to make them more friendly for you, our valued client:

Effective May 1st, 2020 and running until further notice, our cancellation policies now allow unlimited, NO fee, date changes as last minute as 14 days before your trip. No reason is required!  Just reach out to us and reschedule, without penalty.

You can also switch destinations entirely, and receive full credit towards a different trip!

There are NO exceptions to this policy for any of our Cuba and Portugal trips, besides the Havana Marathon trip which of course has a fixed date.

There ARE exceptions to this policy for Peru and Iceland.

For Peru, you must choose *at time of trip purchase* whether you wish to opt in to this policy or not.  If you wish to have last minute change flexibility, we cannot buy your Machu Picchu ticket or train ticket before your trip. Those tickets are difficult and expensive to change dates, and they do not allow refunds. So we would buy your tickets 14 days before your trip date, when you are committed to coming. This may mean not getting the ticket, or train time, that you prefer. The other option is you can DECLINE the option to change dates last minute, and in that case we will immediately buy your entrance and train tickets for your chosen date. To repeat, under that scenario the tickets are nonrefundable or changeable.

For Iceland, if you are camping then there are no restrictions at all. If, however, you plan to stay in the huts, those reservations are also not changeable without a change fee (we dont charge a fee, however the Iceland hut system does). Also, availability is very limited and your new date might not be available.