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At KB Tambo, we are highly committed to your safety and health. Therefore, effective May 1st, 2020 and until further notice, all clients will receive a FREE UPGRADE to our Premium Trips!   Premium trips include FREE single supplement for all solo travelers, i.e. your own private room and your own private bath, no sharing.

Additionally, all group sizes have been reduced by 50%, and so our max group size is now 4 people, not 8. When traveling, ALL transport will be in a minimum 8 person van, so every other seat will be empty. Most of our vans have 10 to 12 seats, still the max will be only 4 people.

We are only utilizing small hotels and houses for all our trips, and only staying in approved housing. In order to be approved, all housing MUST offer contactless checkin.  No front desk, no paperwork, nothing – you walk immediately to your room upon arrival with no need to go to front desk or lobby area.

Additionally, all housing must agree to undergo an extensive, DAILY, cleaning program with enhanced cleanliness protocols AND, must promise that all rooms will have been EMPTY for a minimum of 48 hours before your checkin!

Finally, all our guides have been thoroughly trained on social distance methods, and agree not only to abide by them themselves, but also to be sure all activities, restaurants, shops etc are all following safe policies, including using masks indoors if current conditions require.  Your guide will be your backup protection in staying safe and healthy and a second set of eyes to help you be sure that everything is being done by the highest and latest health standards.

We feel that the above requirements and policies will present far less risk to travelers than being on an airplane, and thus the safest part of any international adventure will be the actual trip.