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Private Colorado Winter Adventure


Now this is Colorado !  We have put together a spectacular, fully customizable and completely secluded winter trip for you and friends or family, in the snowy Colorado Rockies. This trip is for anytime between early December and mid April, and is as Covid compliant as possible.

You can drive here ( a couple hours outside of Denver) in your own car, and during your trip here with us you won’t have to come in contact with or be near absolutely anyone, unless you want to. Or you can easily fly into Denver International Airport and rent an SUV. We recommend driving if at all possible.

This trip is ideal for one or two couples or family members, with or without children. Currently, large indoor gatherings are not recommended outside of your small family and friend circle.



What is this trip, exactly?   Well, just like the times we are in at the moment, it is unusual. Basically, we are offering an active, winter wonderland vacation in Colorado that focuses on you having fun in the mountains, away from the crowds. (This has been our focus since before Covid anyway, to be honest).

Its not just the ski resorts and towns in Colorado that are jam packed, but also the winter trailheads and parking lots in all of Summit and Eagle counties. Tons of locals are out on the trails cross country skiing, etc every day, and the backcountry can be just as crowded as the ski resorts.

Besides, the ski resorts don’t really offer sledding, or snowmobiling, backcountry skiing or snowboarding, snowshoes, etc


alma snowmobiles

We use our twenty five years of local knowledge in this area, as well as extensive international mountain guiding experience, to design the perfect couple of days adventuring for you and your family or friends.  Visiting hidden forests and mountains that very few others know about or go to.  All are close to your home base while here: a cozy and higher end mountain chalet, also set off the beaten path!

We are your Local, adventure concierge who will give you all the information you’ll need, both before and during your trip, to maximize your time and fun.

We provide all equipment free of charge!  Skis, snowboards, snowshoes, sleds plus goggles, mittens, gloves, and snowpants if you need.

alma, breckenridge

We have travelled, and led tours and expeditions, all over the world.  Yet there is no place we would rather have an adventure than Colorado.

But what about the crowds?  They can be fierce, no doubt.  But we don’t go to the popular places and resorts (although many people spend a day or two at Breckenridge, Vail, etc  before or after their trip with us)

colorado, colorado winter, breckenridge outdoor activities, breckenridge snowshoeing

breckenridge snowshoeing, alma snowshoeing


Yes, this trip is socially distanced. Completely.  Almost with exception, you won’t encounter another person on this trip unless you want to. Thus, this trip is ideal for families of all ages, skills, and fitness levels.

Why would you travel with us when you are more than capable of renting a VRBO home and doing it on your own?  Here is why:

Think about where you live, and the many attractions and sights nearby.  Could someone who has never been there just show up and see the best your area has to offer?  Using TripAdvisor or a guidebook?   Of course not. You know all the secrets that can only be learned after living there a long time.  If we went on our own, we would be limited to the same tired tourist traps that everyone else does.  We could never see the ‘real’ and undiscovered sites near where you live.

The same is true for Colorado, if not more so. This trip is designed to give you access to the same places we as locals go with our friends and families.  And to be honest, that is where the value comes in and why we charge what we do.  We are charging for our knowledge. The trip isn’t for everyone, but it is for anyone who wants a secluded, private, mountain adventure filled with insider secrets.

This trip is customizable. If you are a couple looking for hiking or biking, we can tailor it for the inexperienced all the way to fit experts. If you have family, …. so do we.   We can create a trip for kids of any age that they will never forget.

This trip is listed as “self guided”.  That means we will give you everything you need to know to do it yourself, once you have booked it.  Not just before you go, either.  We will be available every second during your trip to help and answer questions. Basically, like having a guide, only you don’t have to have one.


You will have a dedicated “Adventure Concierge” that will make sure you don;t waste any time trying to find things or places. Not only that, but for a small extra charge they can go with you, distanced, on hikes or bike rides if you want the company, knowledge, and safety that they can provide.

alma snowshoeing


Lodging is hand selected by us, depending on the size of your group and availability.  All trips are private, you are only with people you bring along, no one else will be there.  We assume that most people will drive here to Colorado and not fly, and thus you will have your own transportation. If you do fly, rental cars are available at the Denver Airport.


Trip cost is $295 per person, per 2 full days and 1 night, minimum 2 people. Your children – even of adult age – are free.  For 4 paying adults (2 couples, or 4 friends) the cost is only $245 per person for 2 days and 1 night. Most people stay 2 or 3 nights. Children of any age including adult age, are always free!  This trip is ideal for 2 couples with our without kids, or two families, or even just one family or couple.


Includes use of a large, 3 story private home lodging in the forest, (with hot tub and fire place) free unlimited use of all sporting equipment, and access to the snowmobiles (which are $150 extra per half day, plus your gas), also complete trip planning assistance both before and during your trip with unlimited support. Optional Adventure Concierge service available for all outdoor activities. Specifically, after learning what you are most interested in doing, we will create a specific and custom plan for you for each day, with very detailed instructions. No wasting time or following the crowds.

We can also pre buy all your groceries for you,  and have it waiting in your vacation home when you arrive. You select your groceries yourself online, and we will safely store it with a minimum of 24 to 48 hours isolation and then leave it for you at your lodging.

This trip is based 2 hours from Denver, or 1 hour from Breckinridge Ski Resort.